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Understanding The Workings Of Ice Rink Refrigeration Systems

There is a high demand for recreational ice facilities from consumers The pressure is on the makers of ice rink refrigeration systems to provide high quality equipment.

Government has put in place stringent regulations that are to be met by the makers of the systems. Customers expect nothing short of sterling quality on the products they purchase.

Basically, the whole process of refrigeration is predicated on the ability to minimize heat and increase cold. Companies planning on entering the segment must possess basic knowledge of how heat is moved.

In simple terms heat will always move from areas where there is more warmth to ones with less. There are the indirect and direct method that the process of refrigeration takes place.

A liquid refrigerant is used in the case of indirect process of refrigeration. It functions by absorbing heat from a secondary fluid which subsequently removes heat from a sports arena

Direct refrigeration functions by pushing the primary refrigerant to the pipes that are laid on the rink floor. Though this procedure will appear to be more effective, it is not a preferred option by many rink specialists.

One of the reasons that the refrigeration specialists have stayed away from the direct method is inability to manage the presence of toxic refrigerants. The pollutants include ammonia and R-22 which falls in the category of Freons.

The pollutants have the ability to spread out to the extent of the sports arena. The likelihood of the refrigerant escaping into the surrounding areas is high. Freon is an odorless substance so the leak might escape detection.

Ammonia has a pungent smell making its detection much easier. Glycol and a saltwater solution are the secondary fluids used in indirect refrigeration systems. More effective heat movement is noticed when the saltwater solution is employed as the brine.

The standard and effectiveness of the ice rink refrigeration system is judged by how well the location underneath the ground has been done. To determine the exact temperatures of the surface, an infrared camera is used.

Computer systems are used to dictate the required response from the ice rink refrigeration systems if there are fluctuations in temperatures. Computers have the ability to get important information from several sensors located in the rink.

The ice rink refrigeration plants can be programmed to factor in usage schedules. When there are programmed shutdowns during the night or holidays, energy is saved in significant proportions.

Setting up of ice rink refrigeration plants is obviously an intricate procedure. It behooves on anyone aspiring to have a refrigeration system professionally done to enlist the services of refrigeration specialists who have what it takes to do perform an impeccable job.

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