Lessons Learned About Supplements

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All about Antibodies.

Many will brush off antibody as just a biological term but they may not understand what antibodies and what they do in their body. Antibodies are immunoglobulin that are produced by a white blood cell known as a plasma cell. Antibodies are large and Y shaped and their role in the immune system is to respond to the presence of disease causing organisms in the body. When disease causing organisms enter the body , the immune system responds to the new threat before any damage can be done. Disease causing organisms are either chemicals, viruses and bacteria. The immune system responds to antigens by producing antibodies that will mark them after that the immune system will destroy the marked threat. It is right to picture antibodies as scouts which are sent throughout the body to mark the antigen by sticking to it and the immune system can conveniently destroy it.

Each antibody is made for a specific antigen and it bears receptors that are specially going to bond with that antigen. Once the antigen has been fought by the body, the antibody is not discarded the body keeps it just in case there is a similar attack in the future. In the event that the same antigen attacks the body the process of dealing with the antigen will be much quicker than the precious time. Immunizations are just mild forms of an antigen that trigger the creation of antibodies in the immune system and that way the body stays guarded. There are different types of antibodies and all are found in different parts of the body.

Medicine continues to advance and to the benefit of us all, to study and understand biology deeper professionals in medicine will manipulate the aspects of biology. Immunohistochemistry combines the use of immunological , biochemical and anatomical means to image the components that are highly discrete in the tissue by using antibodies that have been labeled to stick to the antigen. Here the antigen is targeted and specific and hence the need to label the antibody.

IHC Immunohistochemistry has several applications, its used in drug development , in research and developing drugs. When performing tests for presence of tumors in the body androgen markers are used in IHC, this is one very effective way. IHC is used as a confirmation diagnosis or I could be used as primary diagnosis especially when the patient has been advised to have it for the first time. In research the immunohistochemistry procedure can be used with other procedures of analysis or be relied on alone depending on what the research is after. Immunohistochemistry in drug development monitors activity and efficacy of the drug by the aid of disease markers in target tissue.

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